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Korean Translation

Hi all, could we add Korean translations? We have some volunteers who are willing to do Korean translations.



Hi, Vincent! Send me a direct message with the names and email addresses of the people doing the translations and I will add them to the system.


I’ll do this with Korean colleagues.
Peter, Thank you. Would you add Seonghoon, Kim ( and Sepil, Ahn ( to the system?
And please let me know how to translate via which App or tool?

Hi Seonghoon!

Thank you for volunteering to help with the translation of strings for FOLIO apps! We are using Lokalise to manage the translation of strings for the FOLIO Project. We don’t have any FOLIO-specific documentation for Lokalise; Lokalise offers a getting started for translators document that walks through the user interface.

I’ve added you to the Translators group here on Discuss, so you will receive messages from the translation category for discussion of issues or suggestions for making the translation process easier.

On behalf of the worldwide FOLIO community, thank you for offering your expertise to the project.

Hi Peter, Thank you so much for your kindness.
I’ll contribute Korean translation via Lokalise from now on.