🗨 Design of the Help app. Starting up a new work group

In the development of FOLIO we follow the UX-driven development process. This process is built to focus on the needs of the end users from start to finish.

Kimie Ou Yang, FOLIO UX designer, will be leading the design of the Help app, in close dialog with Filip Jakobsen, UX Lead & interaction designer, and the UX team in general. The Help app is a cross functional sub-functionality of the FOLIO system.

The Help app in FOLIO is the grey speech bubble, which is present on most of the FOLIO apps screens in the prototype. E.g. here on the Items app, where you see the speech bubble in the upper right corner of the screen.

We are looking for librarians and other subject matter experts (SMEs) with an overall knowledge from one or two existing ILSes, who would be interested in joining a small working group. Kimie Ou Yang will work closely with this new group, and she will be sketching out concepts, and present her ideas for the group, to get their feed back. The work will be starting up in the beginning of September, and probably last for 1-2 months.

If you would like to participate in the design and development of the FOLIO Help app, please sign up at our participant list (a google doc). And if you have any questions re. the work in the group or the UX design process in general, fell free to reach out to Kimie Ou Yang (kimie@samhaeng.com) or Filip Jacobsen (filip@samhaeng.com).

You can also read more about the FOLIO UX design process.


The main purpose of the Help app is to let users find answers to the issues they encounter while using FOLIO apps. The current thought with the Help app is to make it a self-service documentation hub where both the users and the app developers can publish user guides, to help other users in FOLIO.

So we’d like to invite you to join the discussion about how we can make the users contribute their knowledge about how to use FOLIO apps and make the Help app useful for FOLIO users. Please do sign up as a participant here. We’d really appreciate it!

You can now check the demo video here: