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Library mailing addresses


Hi everyone,

We’ve been talking some about library bill-to/ship-to mailing addresses as we begin refining the orders app. As we started talking about it, we realized that other apps may be using library addresses as well. Note that these are addresses for the LIBRARY, not any vendor or external partner the library may be working with. In addition to orders, library addresses probably need to be included on patron notices, and maybe on fines/fees documents.

Our very provisional initial thinking is that libraries should have a way to create and store multiple addresses in some central way within their FOLIO tenant. Then any app that needs to work with a library address can access those central addresses. Maybe there are categories for those addresses (billing, shipping, patron-facing, etc.) to allow for filtering down the choices in various apps. Maybe they can be associated with individual teams (e.g. acquisitions units) within a tenant.

Are there other areas of FOLIO or library contexts where library mailing addresses come into play? Any other ideas or comments that we should be taking into account when figuring this out?


Going forward, thinking on the various Consortial multi-tenant setups, linked data scenarious etc that one can envision with FOLIO, I think this is a very good idea to keep this data in one central place.


I can think of some, stemming from having multiple library buildings on campus and staff spread all over them:

  • We offer a library-to-library delivery service, so that a book stored at an inconveniently distant library can be checked out at the circ desk of another, more conveniently located building.

  • Catalogers are mostly centralized in one office - but only mostly. If you need to send a physical book over to a specialized cataloger, it would sure help to have their address in FOLIO. Ditto receivers, etc. - anyone who has to handle a physical book.

  • Invoices and other important documents often get sent to the wrong office, via both e- and snail-mail. Being able to look up who the document actually belongs to - whether the information you have is a name, or a bill-to address on the invoice that doesn’t match where it was actually sent, or what have you - would be a blessing.

  • We have a number of units in possession of shared email inboxes, which may be not commonly known, or easily mixed up with each other. We’re also spread out over large enough spaces that any given staff member may not know where they can locate somebody in person to ask some urgent/complicated question. Associating units with both their group email addresses and physical addresses would greatly facilitate communication in larger organizations. Probably would be good to have some kind of note that describes what kind of work that unit does, too - sometimes you look at a thing and wonder, We do this thing?? Who even handles it?

  • We also have a number of off-campus sites - not quite official library buildings, but places that used to have large official library presences and are now reduced to, like, one staff member in one room, handling the book delivery or reference or whatever.


I agree. Library addresses are relevant in e.g. Patron notices (Settings > Circulation > Patron notices


It is a good idea to have a mailing address configuration module because:

  1. We can configure if a mailing can be automated / manual / or both.
  2. We can configure a specific printer by library and circulation desk.
  3. Set mailing dates and times.
  4. Fantastic, if we can link it with the workflow of library processes, from acquisitions, cataloging, circulation, etc. example: configure the long lists of books that go from acquisitions to the cataloging and cataloging area to circulation, if you could send an email with listings, great. Also manage the material in transit, ILL, resource sharing.