Loan rules, UX iteration 3


Assets (only relevant for project managers):

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I am liking what I see in this demonstration, it looks like it will give us the complexity we would need - but it is covering only half the story; what is the position with the β€˜policies’, please? are they to be covered in a later demonstration? I have not been able to find them by searching the site.

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Alan Exelby

Hi Alan,

Thanks for your comment and feedback. We will share the loan policy design shortly.

We discussed this iteration in the RA SIG meeting, and I promised to provide an example of what the design would look like without icons β€” see attached.

Personally, I feel like the version with icons is a lot easier to scan when you skim through the text. Have a look and let me know what you think.

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In the RA SIG meeting, we also discussed some other things, including:

The listing of the different location levels in the priority setting ought not to include all levels, rather: Location should be one of the things listed, but as a whole β€” e.g. with the letter L for location, rather than A, B, C, S for Campus, Branch, Collection, Shelf.

We also discussed that one should be able to preview and edit the policies directly from the loan rules screen, by opening a modal.

Lastly, we discussed that a search design example should be provided for review. And if possible, a more interactive prototype people can try out.

Updates as per request in the SIG meeting this Monday:

Viewing and editing policies right from the loan rules screen (loan policy menu and preview and edit option opens on top of loan rules layout):

Searching (it will find matches to your query, both indirect and exact. And allow you to choose to see only exact matches or all matches):

Indicating errors in syntax:

Ability to test rules by testing a combination of a criteria value with a patron or patron group:

Could the test allow for input of all 4 criteria but not require it? n.b. it can be very difficult to identify an item that has exactly the correct combination of features

Yes, this layout should be able to accomodate that

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