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Multilingual support 多种语言支持系统测试


你好。一个多种语言支持系统测试。Posts must be at least 20 Characters.


Hi Kwoky, I see what you mean whereby the Chinese characters are not captured in the title.


Not sure if this post being filed under test posts is affecting the search, but it seems that searching for Chinese is broken too.


The searching of Chinese characters appears to be a known problem, and it doesn’t seem like it is being addressed by the software creator. Can you describe what the issue is with Chinese characters in the title? Is it related to this post: Could not create a topic with a Japanese title?


Yes it is the same issue and probably applies across CJK (Chinese, Japanese, Korean). The search function is broken too although there seems to be a fix for it.


I’m having difficulty reproducing the problem. If I put the Chinese characters alone in the title of a new post, it seems to display okay for me ( If I search for the first three Chinese characters (‘你好。’) then both posts come up in search results. I’ll admit that I don’t know the CJK character sets, so I’m flying blind here – the best I can do is copy and paste the characters that you give me. Can you describe the problem more fully?

Chrome 52.0.2743.116 on MacOSX 10.11.6.


Seems to be ok now, unable to replicate the problem anymore.


Okay – thanks for the extensive testing. I’ll close out the ticket on and hide these test posts so they don’t gum up the Forum display. If you see this problem showing up again, please let us know.


As for the searching, after reading on the forum, it seems that Chinese text is treated as a single word i.e. Chinese characters within sentences will not show up in the search results. i.e. if you search 你好。 results will show, but if you search for 系统测试 (a legit word) no results will appear.


@kwoky: Was this reported as an issue with the upstream Discourse project? If so, we can track progress to resolution and install the fix here when it is available. If not, would you mind posting it there as a bug? I don’t have a good enough sense of how to describe and test the problem.