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Need Folio Tutorial



I want to start to develop with Folio is there ant tutorial ??

thanks in advance


any body in this world to help ??


We do have the first few lessons of a tutorial on the developer’s website:


Thanks Peter fir the info


Peter, it is very nice to have tutorial works. However, they are not very accessible for lot of beginners. Would you mind to have a video session for that?


This has been asked for before, and it is something that I would like to do. There is work underway now to get the curriculum updated for a major revision that happened to the underlying Okapi code [FOLIO-888] and to rework the curriculum to pin it to a particular version of all of the prerequisites [FOLIO-657 – things are moving too fast]. Once those are done we can revisit making the videos for each of the curriculum lessons knowing that they are up-to-date and would be stable for a period of time.

Thanks for the suggestion!