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Orders Material Types


Hi Kristin,
Yes, probably best to think of it as Online. “O” may be easily confused with “Order,” so are you OK with keeping E instead of O as the indicator for Electronic-only (no physical carrier of any kind)? And yes, PDF purchased from a vendor, delivered via e-mail or DropBox or FTP or whatever, and hosted locally would be Misc Electronic, or perhaps the format (Book, Images, Map, Score) + (Order Type = E) - whichever formulation your library decides is most appropriate.

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I prefer E (electronic) to O (online) with E standing for “Electronic Only” rather than just “Electronic.” I think that it makes sense as far as common terminology goes; we talk about “Electronic Resources Management” and “Electronic Resources Librarians” not “Online Resources Management,” it may not be 100% accurate but it fits with our commonly used and understood terminology.



I agree with Kristen that this is a good first pass. It will be impossible to satisfy everyone with a hardcoded list for v.1, but I think this gets close to something that should work for everyone, especially since tags will also be available.

I also want to second Kristen’s comments that it’s great that we’re going in this direction rather than using bibliographic description terms on the orders, and that it is important to prioritize making this a locally configurable list in a future version of FOLIO.



Thanks everyone for your replies - we have a few late-breaking additions from Germany that will be added - mainly some formats that we missed. We’re close to getting it finalized though!

And I’m not sure if the locally-configurable requirement is reflected in Jira yet, but I am sure that @dennisbridges will keep track of it and take care of it. That’s our intent for all of the lists in v1 of acquisitions - start with a fixed list so that we can get it developed, then add customization capabilities.