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Real-time "Snapshot" Reports


Perhaps we have already collected this report for the RA SIG meeting next Monday (not shure … Uschi Klute? Andrea Loigman?) but it would be very helpful to have a “snapshot report” aka a quick real-time reporting of all open loans sorted by signature (call number/classification) and/or storage room (collection/shelfmark). About the workflow: our subject librarians often need such a quick real-time report when too many loans were done in a short time (for example at the start of a semester) and many of our patrons can’t get the media they need in reasonable time.


This sounds like a relatively simple in-app report, but it’s inclusion may be a better question for the Reporting SIG than it is for RA. You may want to dig through the Reporting SIG’s master spreadsheet ( to see if it’s already been included.

However, the RA SIG is scheduled to discuss reporting (specifically in-app vs. cross-app) at our meeting tomorrow (11/26), so please feel free to join us.