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Search by Call #

Is there any development or discussion about adding a “search by call #” parameter to FOLIO? I was just curious since I didn’t see that option.

Search by call number is implemented in the “Holdings” and “Item” segments of inventory by selecting the “Call number, eye readable” and “Effective call number (item), eye readable” options above the search box, respectively.

See holdings search and item search.

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Thank you very much. I am double checking these options, but I am not seeing them listed in my drop down menu. The only options I have is: keyboard, ISBN, barcode, ISSN, and query search. Is there possibly a setting wrong on my account?

When you visit Settings > Software versions (i.e. the URL /settings/about), what version of @folio/inventory is present on your system? These search options were added in version 2.0.0.

@folio/inventory 1.13.3 that probably would explain my issue. I didn’t realize I was not working with the most current version. Is there a way for me to upgrade?

Thank you again for your help!


1.13.3 was the 2019-Q4/Edelweiss release. 2.0.2 is the current (2020-Q1/Fameflower) release. I don’t know the details of your server environment. You would have to talk to your hosting provider or local sysops group about updating. Note that updating the UI module also requires updating server-side modules as the underlying {{inventory}} interface requirement was bumped from {{9.0}} to {{10.0}}.

The Folio wiki has Fameflower release notes which provide some guidance about the upgrade process.

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Thank you very much for your reply. So sorry I didn’t receive a notification until now.