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Setting to hide some functionality in Agreements


In the latest version of the Agreements app we have introduced an option to hide certain bits of functionality for those who are using eHoldings (or other routes outside Agreements) to manage their Knowledgebase info. We need to agree the right wording for this setting. Please look at the options in

If you have an account on the Slack channel, you can vote on your preferred option at

Otherwise feel free to say which option you prefer in this discussion thread


I agree that “Hide all ‘e-resources’ functionality” is not not a good name. Really what you are doing is “Manage Agreement Lines through eHoldings Exclusively” and thus hiding the ability to manage Agreement Lines through local e-resources. I don’t know if that name is too clunky.

The challenge I have with both options is that you can actually do both - manage e-resources (agreement lines, right?) through internal KBs/data and externally managed KBs. Othewise, I voted for Option 1 on Slack


Hi @kmarti

What the option does is hide aspects of the UI that are related to use the Agreements internal knowledgebase. Specifically it:

  • Hides the e-resources tab in Agreements
  • Hides the Basket icon in Agreements
  • Hides the “E-resources covered by this Agreement” sub-section when you view an Agreement

I think “Manage Agreement Lines through eHoldings exclusively” is probably a reasonable description of what the user is trying to achieve by checking the option right now, I’m not sure it will necessarily hold in the future - as now we’ve established a pattern for this it is possible (in theory) for other apps to make use of the same interfaces - so the functionality isn’t restricted to eHoldings.

As there has been a related comment on Slack, I’m inclined to include the list of three bullet points above in the explanatory text to be clear as to what the option does.