Setting up first call of the Internationalization SIG

I've set up a Doodle poll ( to arrange a time for the first meeting of the Internationalization SIG. If you are interested, please fill out your availability on that poll. The [SIG's wiki page]( is also set up along with the [start of an agenda]( for the first meeting.

Thanks to everyone that replied. The first call will be on Friday, February 17th at 12:30pm UTC (7:30am Eastern U.S. time). As soon as I get the details about the conference call bridge, I will send it out. In the meantime, add your name to the SIG’s homepage on the wiki – and if you don’t have an account on the Wiki sign up for one on and use the same login/password on Set your notification preferences to “Watching” for the Internationalization SIG category on to receive email notifications of new posts; go to and follow these steps:

I have updated the agenda for our meeting in about 18 hours. We are using Zoom as the meeting tool, and the meeting link is Looking forward to seeing you there.