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Site demo for WEBPAC

Hi all,

I have viewed the demo pages for Folio from address “”. But I have not found any page for WebPAC of Folio or documentations for patron. Looking forward to receiving the help from everyone.

Thanks all!

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FOLIO does not come with a web-based, patron-facing OPAC. The idea is that you use one of the existing OPAC:s or Discovery systems on the market and integrate FOLIO with it. Like EDS, VuFind etc.

I know that EDS has been working well with FOLIO for more than a year now, but for other systems I am not up to date.

As @ttolstoy said, FOLIO itself does not come with a patron-facing catalog interface. For Index Data clients, we have been using VuFind quite successfully. To the best of my knowledge, there is not a community-managed demonstration of a VuFind/FOLIO combination, but I would be happy to show you the Index Data demonstration. (I’m sure @ttolstoy would be happy to connect you to someone for an EBSCO Discovery Service demonstration, too.)

Hi @ttolstoy and @peter,

Ohhh, it’s special. I am wondering why Follio doesn’t provide a separate lookup interface for patrons :slight_smile:

I used to use EDS and Vufind. However, I would be very glad if you could show for me the Index Data demonstration about them so I can understand more about the integration

Very thanks!

Not that it’s special. FOLIO was designed as a back-office system for library staff. Libraries can add any patron-facing discovery layer that they prefer.

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Ok @Ann-Marie. I understand this matter. However, I think it would be better if we have a user-designed webpac interface that comes with Folio, forming a complete software solution like other library service platforms, like Sierra for example.

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