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Specifications for Basic On-prem Server


We are piloting a single server instance here on campus, and building it as a virtual machine in VMware (not using a Vagrant image). Can anyone recommend (or provide guildelines for) how much drive space this machine should have?

We’re not sure what components we will be using, so it is not easy to decide how much CPU power, RAM and disk space we should be provisioning.

I found some basic CPU and memory specifications here, but that’s about it.

Any leads or information you can provide would be much appreciated.


19 days have passed. No responses here. Decided to go with a 200GB drive. My colleague is installing the features, so he will let me know if he needs more space.


Hi Tobin,

You may get more responses via Slack rather than Discuss. Developers tend to be on the Slack channels more than Discuss. Here’s the link to join Slack: The General and Support channels are good starting points.


Ah, thank you Ann-Marie. Sounds like this question belongs in a different space altogether. Good to know.