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通讯录应用程序 用户体验设计第二迭代 - 中文说明(中文界面)



请注意:本视频展示了我们在FOLIO中的此项功能的最理想情况; 你现在所看到的这个原型会在长远的开发过程中不断变动,因此不会一直维持如第一版的样貌。请帮助我们改进它 - 欢迎在下面的评论中分享您的问题,建设性的反馈意见和想法。


I can’t see the show of UI after I pass the security verification.why is that?


I have find out the reason that i could not look at the video of UI demo.It is because that the security certificate of is invalid.


Hi @Mike

Thanks for pointing this out! @peter, can you look into that?

@Mike, If you are still experiencing problems, try going to and clicking the “观看演示” button underneath the prototype. Does this work? Otherwise you can try to view it directly on Vimeo here:

Let me or 歐陽 @Kimie_OuYang (who is fluent in Chinese) know if you still have problems with it :slight_smile:

Thank you again for pointing this out.


Yes,I can see the UI demo at
thank you.


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