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书目 用户体验设计第二次迭代 - 中文说明(中文界面)



请注意:本视频展示了我们在FOLIO中的此项功能的最理想情况; 你现在所看到的这个原型会在长远的开发过程中不断变动,因此不会一直维持如第一版的样貌。请帮助我们改进它 - 欢迎在下面的评论中分享您的问题,建设性的反馈意见和想法。


Why can’t get the video?


Hello @mayexu,

This video works fine from my end :slight_smile:
Not sure if any technical issue happened while you were trying to check this video,
but if you try to access this video from China, you might need to use VPN in order to see this video,
because this video is hosted by Vimeo, and users in China will need VPN to watch videos on Vimeo.
Hope this information helps.


yes, u r right!I am gonna via vpn later!



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