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User guide for Folio

Hi all,

My name is Thuy, I’m a librarian. Recently, I see people mention folio and I want to learn about its functions. I have viewed the demo page, but I have not found any documentation for users. Looking forward to receiving the help from everyone.

Very thanks :slight_smile:

Hello Thuy! Welcome to the FOLIO community. User documentation is one of the tasks we are focusing on this year. There are the beginning stages of documentation in the “Tips and Tricks” section of the wiki. You can also watch some of the past FOLIO Forums for demonstrations of particular apps, and look for the monthly sprint reviews on YouTube for examples of specific app details.

Thanks, Peter.
I have seen a lot of useful material from the link you sent. I will continue to post to the community if I am having trouble getting to know Folio. I hope to receive support from you and everyone :slight_smile:

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