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User Management

Can someone please tell me how I can delete a user permanently from a patron group? I cannot find any instructions on this and I feel like I have all the suitable permissions? Please let me know as soon as possible.

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Hi, @lntubbs. If you are working in the Users app UI, Patron Group is a required field, so you’ll have to set it to something (perhaps a generic placeholder group?), but you should just be able to change it via the menu in the edit user screen.

Okay, thank you. I am accessing it directly from the website I believe instead of the app, but I will double check.

It still is not allowing me to delete it. I am only giving the option of edit. Is there a specific permission set I need to include that allows me to delete users? If so, what is the exact name?

Do you think you can describe exactly what steps you are taking to edit a user?

I am looking up the user in the directory, then clicking the drop down menu button next to the patron’s name. The only option I have is edit.

I don’t believe we have the ability to delete users via the UI at this time. You can deactivate them by setting their expiration date in the past, or move them to another patron group. If you want to delete a users, I believe you need to use the API, at this time, and I’m not even sure that functionality is available yet, either.