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Using the circulation software/resource access for lending of AV equipment


We recently introduced the lending of our AV hardware/equipment via our circulation software here in Marburg. The hardware (microphones, cameras, speakers, audiorecorders and much more) is checked in/out at a special counter called “Medienzentrum” and basically treated like the more classical media (books …). Every device got an entry at our local catalogue to make it available for circulation (aka using the complete infrastructure of our circulation software like reminders, statistics and so on). Of course such an entry doesn’t appear in the main catalogue or OPAC. Within the circulation software we use for any category of AV hardware a different frame (for those using LBS: “storage room/concordance” are different for each hardware type) because we need the option that lending of cameras could be different from lending a microphone …

Any chances that the community would think about the lending of hardware in Resource Access as this feature becomes essential here at our library? Or … well … are there more libraries out there with such weird ideas :wink:

Kindest regards :slight_smile:


Hi - I think that most of our institutions circulate non-traditional items. In fact I’ve heard of everything from back-packs to umbrellas (not quite a to z) being circulated by libraries currently engaged with FOLIO.

The system is already designed to accommodate this kind of local need by allowing institutions to create as many ‘material types’ as they like and including material type as an element in the loan rules. So you could easily have different loan rules for different kinds of equipment as long as if they were designated as different material types. For that matter you can also have different rules for materials that circulate from different desks. So if you had the same special material type being loaned at different locations they could follow different rules.

I’m assuming (because it’s pretty basic) that FOLIO will have some kind of indicator to let our discovery layers know when something is to be suppressed from display and we’re already working on ‘Fast Add’ as a way to allow brief record creation by non-experts.

The thing that I’d love to see (and know is quite a way down the road), is a way to let patrons place a reservation for these kinds of items for a set time (e.g next Tuesday from noon to 2 pm). That would allow us to use FOLIO for room bookings as well as equipment loans.

Hope this answers your question.