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Vendor app in FOLIO


Hi Sebastian - thank you so much for all this feedback! Please see replies interspersed above.



Here’s more background on the FTP section (which is a subsection of the EDI section) - let me know if additional questions. Keep in mind that for v1, FOLIO will only support EDI orders and invoices.

  • FTP format: select Secure FTP or plain FTP
  • Server address: address from which the FTP files will be retrieved
  • Username & Password: Assuming there’s a logon once you contact the FTP server, what is the library’s logon?
  • FTP Transmission mode: select ASCII or Binary
  • FTP Connection mode: select Active or Passive
  • Order/Invoice Directory: once logged on to the FTP site, if orders are stored in a subdirectory instead of the root directory, specify the subdirectory. That way FOLIO can change to the proper subdirectory to place orders or pick up invoices.
  • Scheduling: If you want to schedule orders to be sent or invoices to be checked at a specific time, use the scheduling section.
  • There’s also a “check now” button in case you want to look for/download any new invoices immediately.
  • Notification Options: If someone at the library wants to receive an e-mail when any EDI transactions happen, or only when specific EDI transactions happen, they can use the Notification Options section.


Hi Martina - thanks so much for your feedback! Please see above for comments interspersed.



Hi Ann-Marie! Thank you for your answers.

Unfortunatelly the system is not working for me today with the fllowing error message:
“ERROR: in module @folio/vendors, operation GET on resource ‘records’ failed, saying: Failed to fetch”
and I do not remember a 100% but I think I was playing arround with the exsting accounts.So this problem has most likely already been caught.

You are right. Using the notes field should be sufficient for the coordinator info. And if the majority of platforms only use one login per institution it does make sense to have the field setup as it is.



My problem with the display was more related to the FTP scheduler where you can set specific days of the week to collect files from the vendors ftp-server. I am sorry for not being more specific. The setup display seemed all right but in the vendor overview display all weekdays showed up in a more or less unstructured manner. Again, unfortunately I cannot login today to make a screenshot of it. I will let you know if I can reconstruct the problem.



Ahh - I understand now - the scheduler part needs some refinement to make it more clear. Will add that to the list. Thanks for the clarification!



Stacks has confirmed there is currently no limit, and no plans to impose limits unless a reason surfaces in the future.

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Hi everyone,

Thank you again for all of the feedback on the vendor app (so far). We reviewed it all this afternoon, and Dennis is entering a number of these as bug fixes and enhancements in Jira. There’s a few we’ve flagged for more discussion, since they are larger asks or may be tied to FOLIO-wide efforts such as bulk editing or exporting of search results.

Stay tuned for more info from Dennis next week. Hope everyone has good weekends!




The library staff who do most of the work with creating and maintaining vendor records at Duke looked at the vendor app and provided the following feedback:

  • It is easy to use.
  • The vendor app has all of the fields we currently use as well as a few more.
  • We added a new vendor and deleted it with no problems.
  • We had the same problem in the contact name section with country as there were no countries listed and it would not allow you to type. [Note: Ann-Marie has addressed this in additional Discuss posts since these notes were written].
  • I [Deb] created EBSCO as a new vendor. I then thought I would add the EDI information and did not have any problems. However, when I tried to add the FTP information I received the error box below.


And also questions:

  • What is the ERP code? [Virginia note: I know we have discussed relabeling/renaming this field, but I thought I’d note that our staff weren’t able to figure out what ERP stood for].
  • We also were wondering about if the default language could be changed to English. [Note: Ann-Marie has addressed this in additional Discuss posts since these notes were written].


It’s great to have the first ACQ app available! Here is some feedback:

  • Accordion ‘contact information’ / ‘adress info’
    The selection from the list should be made more intuitive, regardless of whether only one category or several categories are selected. Before saving, you should be able to see which selection was made, for example by listing the categories again individually.

  • Accordion ‘contact information’ / ‘phone number’
    The arrows for selecting a country type just show 1 to -1. What is the purpose of thoose arrows up and down?

  • It’s a bit time consuming to select the default language for almost every field, again and again. Could a library select a language as default so you won’t need to select it anymore (only if the language differs from the standard)?



We also have some more feedback now from the staff who will be working with the app.


  • mandatory fields should be marked (*) to identify them before saving
  • maybe “vendor information” should be renamed into something like “payment information”, as all the data for a vendor is vendor information
  • will there be a better keyboard integration? There is a lot of scrolling, if you tab through the fields, they cannot always be filled in (e.g. dropdowns), every field once tabbed into is marked as “changed” even when not changed
  • language dropdowns should not be in alphabetical order only. Maybe the most usual languages (defined in the settings?) could be displayed on top
  • when choosing severeal “catagories” for a contact person, it would be helpful to see the selection at one glance. At the moment you have to enter the field and scroll to find the selected values
  • it would be helpful to be able to mark a contact as “former employee”, not just as a note, but as a kind of status

Issues/Problems (in addition to the ones already reported)

  • It’s not possible to set a country for a contact person

A slightly more technical question:
Will it be possible to link/refer to/identify contact persons? Will they have an ID of their own? It might be useful to link to them from other app contexts. Or (the other way around), if there might some day be a kind of “contact persons app” - might the contacts added there be referenced from the vendors app? Maybe vendors and contacts could be slightly more seperated.

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+1 That’s exactly what I thought when I created a test vendor. There’s a notion of a Contacts app, but I have no knowledge about how far the considerations have gone yet. See



Hi Virginia - see comments interspersed above



Hi Felix - please see replies interspersed above…

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Hi Annika,

Please see above for comments, interspersed.

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Hi Felix,

Here’s what I just wrote to Annika:
This current structure will be the format for the first iteration of vendors and contacts. I believe the intention is to make this richer and more separated in subsequent iterations. In the future, if we have an Organizations app and a Contacts app, then we’ll be able to link contacts to specific organizations. That way, when a contact moves from one organization to another, you can keep the basic info about the person, but change their organization, phone, e-mail, etc - kind of like LinkedIn does for people and the organizations they work for.

I’ll also add: an Organizations app could also be helpful for showing relationships between organizations, e.g. divisions or subsidiaries withing a larger company. Right now the vendor app is a flat structure, with no way to show hierarchy between different vendors. However you can relate vendors to each other by adding AKA names or notes. For example if you had separate vendors for EBSCO Subscriptions, Flipster, EBSCO Information Services, and GOBI Library Solutions, you could retrieve them all at once by putting in “EBSCO” as an AKA on each of the separate vendors.

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