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Version of Unicode supported by FOLIO?

Up to what version of the Unicode Standard does FOLIO currently support? Is it supporting scripts such as Adlam, Yezidi, and Hanifi Rohingya?

Charles Riley

Hell Charles,

I am not familiar with such variation of the UNICODE. With Arabic Unicode, the standard Arabic code page is so far sufficient enough.


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Thanks Massoud,

Unicode is a versioned standard, and updates are made about every 1 to 2 years toward more complete representation of the world’s scripts and languages. It is up to Unicode 13.0 now. Newer operating systems are handling the more recently added scripts, including Adlam, but individual software applications sometimes lag behind in their implementation.


This is an interesting question with a couple of nuances, I expect. On the one hand, the user interface is all in a web browser and the interactions with the server are JSON files passed in HTTP. I would expect all of that to be up to the latest version of Unicode. On the back end, almost all of the modules are using Java (Java 8 primarily but moving to Java 11, I’m told). The data is stored in PostgreSQL version 8 in the hosted reference implementation, although there are some sites that are using version 11 and version 12. To the best of my knowledge, all of those components treat handle whatever the latest version of Unicode is.

Where I wonder if there might be differences is in things like sorting order. For that we would probably have to look at the various routines that are performing the sorting—most likely using a common library in RAML Module Builder. As far as display goes, though, I would expect any of the scripts to display fine. Feel free to try out one of the hosted reference environments and post back what you find.

Thanks! I think even on Java 8, the ICU4J software library can be helpful. I’d like to check out the reference environments, but am not sure how to obtain a login.


Hey Charles. Take a look at the links under the “Demo Sites” heading on I would recommend the “Current Release” one to ensure you have a stable environment.