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Proposal to move some of the VALATech topic to functional SIG categories

17 Jul '17

Edited on 24-Jul-2017 to add:
In the discussion below we agreed to move some of these topics from the VALA Tech Camp to the SIGs that most closely aligned with them. I’ve also added a valatech17 tag to each post so they can be easily brought back together again.

Moved to Metadata Management SIG

Moved to Resource Management SIG

Moved to Consortia SIG

Moved to Reporting SIG

Original post from 17-Jul-2017:
I started to write a new topic in the Resource Management area of Discuss.folio.org that pointed those community participants to some of the ideas posted here. (Thanks, @alvet for posting them!) And in writing that post, I started to draft a sentence that said something like:

Side note: as a community, we are still figuring out how best to integrate discussions from participants across time and space. While we are doing that, please feel free to join our Australian colleagues in discussing these items from their recent workshop.

I’m wondering instead if some of these topics should be moved to the functional SIG category where they are most closely aligned? I certainly don’t want to diminish the discussion that happened at VALATech, and I would encourage VALATech participants to continue discussing the topics. Unfortunately, this discussion software doesn’t give us the ability to list a topic in two categories (e.g. the Australia / New Zealand SIG category and the Resource Management SIG category).

Okay to move some of these topics to the functional SIG categories within Discuss.folio.org?

20 Jul '17

Yes, I think that’s fine and makes sense if a topic has already started in another category.

21 Jul '17

We haven’t really built up ongoing discussion in ANZsig yet so makes more sense to move them. Maybe we could leave a post saying where the discussion has moved to?

21 Jul '17

I also would encourage the ANZsig folks to participate in the functionally-oriented discussions. There may be regional differences that require separate discussions, but much of what library systems do are shared across regions and time zones. Your insights are welcome and add to the collective intelligence and diversity that makes a strong community.

24 Jul '17

That makes sense. I’ll update the first post in this topic to say where the topics from this category have gone.

24 Jul '17

Oh, also note that I created a ‘valatech17 tag’ so all of the topics from the meeting can be brought together again.