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ERM Review process: Alert

12 Jun '19

Please see ERM Review/Renew/Cancel process for an overview of the ERM Review process being discussed here.

Alert represents the need to make staff aware that some agreement/subscription needs reviewing.

  • Based on dates and date offsets
    • In Folio we currently have
      • “Cancellation deadline” date for agreements
      • “Review period” and “Renewal Interval” for subscriptions
  • Alerting Methods
    • We need to agree best first option
      • Date based search filters
      • Dashboard based on specific dates
      • Emails
      • Calendar reminders

Do we need more/different dates or date offsets available in Folio to be able to alert staff at an appropriate time?

What preference do you have for the priority in terms of developing methods by which staff are alerted to the need to do a content review?

12 Jun '19

From the ERM Subgroup discussion on 2019-06-12:

Eric H: Dashboard + Email currently supported, so seen as priority
Annika: Once an agreement/sub has been actioned we don’t want to see reminders for that date again
Martina S: Dashboard preferred. Support Annika’s comments
UMass: Dashboard preferred. Also Support Annika’s comments.