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ERM Review process: Inform

12 Jun '19

Please see ERM Review/Renew/Cancel process for an overview of the ERM Review process being discussed here.

Inform represents the need for staff to have access to key information about the agreement/subscription in order to make decisions. This key information may include:

  • Usage data
    • In eUsage app
  • Cost in previous period(s)
    • From POL/Invoice
  • Access issues
    • Could this be done via Notes? Or is a better solution needed?
  • Cancellation and Substitution policies
    • Are these License terms? Or do they need separate recording?

Are we missing any pieces of information you would see as key to knowing when reviewing subscriptions or agreements for renewal/cancellation decisions?

12 Jun '19

From the ERM Subgroup discussion on 2019-06-12:

Annika: Can’t search filter by notes - this means not good for overall analysis of Access issues.

OS: Understood - but during review, you would be going through the Agreement (rather than looking at overall access issues) so might not matter?

Kristin M: Integration with ticketing system might be goal?

OS: Could this be done via a ‘Supplementary Document’ with external URL?

Kristin M: Don’t see requirement for large amount of investment here to do something. Chicago probably would not want to record in two places
Benjamin A: Not worth a lot of investment - tend to remember significant access issues
Peter M: If there was a way of having emails stored in folio that might be interesting/useful

UMass A: with license +1 from KM
UMass A: Have no need to distinguish from other license terms
BA: Prefer to have these policies on the agreement rather than on the license…
Chalmers: Chalmers would probably prefer to put cancellation terms on the agreemnt.