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:pencil2: UX Sketches: Resource Management—First Drafts

20 Feb '17

:exclamation: Note: The concepts presented here have been developed further based on the feedback received — the new concepts can be found here

#:pencil2: UX Sketches: Resource Management—First Drafts

Friday I presented the first sketches for an RM solution within the FOLIO ecosystem. Attached you will find the sketches I go through in the presentation (they only really make sense when you watch the video, but I have attached them here for reference).

We want to make FOLIO a system that works in the real world, so it is important for us to get feedback on the design—let us know what you think in the comment section below—all constructive criticism as well as questions and ideas are very welcome :slight_smile:

24 Mar '17

Hi Filip, Apologies for commenting so late, But I have a couple of questions to your presentation, what about DDA? as far as I can understand, you have a pretty elaborate aquisition workflow demanding the involvement of library staff, but with staff becoming thinner and thinner is there a more automated approach? Also - I am not clear on the granularity of the KB (you mention ISSNs and ISBNs as identifiers, but not DOIs) so will it be designed at serial/book title level or will it be possible to go all the way down to article/chapter? all the best Helle

28 Mar '17

Hi Helle,

No apologies needed! :slight_smile: FOLIO is an ongoing project, and we are interested in all the feedback we can get. Thanks for your comment!

We are looking into DDA currently, however nothing is presented on DDA in this keynote. As I mention in the beginning of the presentation, DDA and the consortial perspective are two things we still need to dive deeper into.

Your other question on KB structure is a great one—we are working on that currently as well, however it’s a little out of my area of expertise. Perhaps @marcjohnson, @cateboerema or @peter can comment on where we are with our thinking / planning on that?

29 Mar '17

Hello, Helle. Yes, it is the intention to facilitate the description and management of works at the article and chapter level.

10 May '17

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11 May '17

Picking up on the KB question here. So, the answer doesn’t provide clarity on how the KB will accommodate article/chapter level identifiers, Peter. Will DOIs be used as ids in the KB? As an aside, It may be interesting to think about a DOI minting facility being a utility module added to FOLIO. Having a KB to push those locally minted DOIs would be useful.

11 Aug '17

Hi Michael, only saw your reply now. Unfortunately not all articles have DOIs and some have several :frowning: I’d suggest that, over time, some truly unique identifiers be used and also that NISO RP-22-2015 access and license indicators are included

3 Aug '18

Hej Filip,
Det er et stykke tid siden vi talte om DDA og konsortie funktionaliteter RM , hvis I er kommet videre vil jeg meget gerne snakke med dig da jeg pt er konsulent for Systematic i Aarhus.



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