Looking for comments on Authentication/Authorization and Privacy SIG charters

This month the Product Council has been working on forming special interest groups (SIGs) for four functional areas of the FOLIO system, and these are expected to start up early next month. In conjunction with that effort, I have been working on the charter for two other SIGs — Authentication/Authorization and Privacy — that will help form the requirements for other areas of the system.

The FOLIO SIG process is modeled after the process used by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) for its working groups. First, a Birds-of-a-Feather gathering is held to finalize a Proposal for Engagement and select one or more conveners (people that will help with the mechanics of getting the working group’s work done). The Proposal for Engagement outlines what the SIG will work on and what it expects to produce. The Proposal for Engagement document also has a place for people to “sign up” to express interest in working on the SIG activities. If there is sufficient interest as well as agreement on the Proposal for Engagement and who the conveners will be, the Proposal for Engagement goes to the Product Council so the work can begin.

In the IETF, the Birds-of-a-Feather meetings happen during the in-person conferences. With FOLIO we don’t have the luxury of many in-person meetings, so we’ll use this tool — discuss.folio.org — as our way of finalizing the Proposal for Engagement and choosing conveners. I’ll also host a WebEx meeting for each proposal for in-person conversations. Here are the details:



In addition to these two cross-functional SIGs, I’m also working on one for Internationalization. That will be coming soon.

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